Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To be a Kid

Do you ever wish you could return to the simplicity of childhood? Kids know how to feel and how to express their feelings. If they are hurt or scared, they cry. If they are happy, they squeal and jump for joy. If they don't like you, they say so. If they love you, they say so. They are able to laugh at themselves and to fully experience every drop of life. The key to happiness is to be more child-like. Not childish, but child-like. Life is better lived through the eyes of a child, for the future of children, and without the bitterness and disappointments many experience. Start fresh; accept the wisdom you have gathered from making mistakes and stumbling, but resist the urge to be greater than those mistakes. I fear that with people's jaded perceptions on life, children's dreams and purity are squelched, bringing them too soon into an adult world. Let there be rainbows, let there be bright colors and noise, let there be messes and crazy questions. Let there be a childhood.

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