Monday, November 28, 2011


It's amazing how much insight kids have. Adults under-estimate the minds of a child. They adjust, they adapt, they forgive, and they are true to their feelings. Adults can only wish for such abilities. Rather, pride gets in the way, self righteousness blocks us from the truth, and logic blocks us from feeling. My students adjust to the children around them who are autistic or ADHD; they recognize when something is different, and work to make everything fit into their environment. The can be so angry, but after recognizing the feeling, forgive and see the bright side again. They can be so sad, and then see something funny and smile. As a teacher, I feel that adults can learn so much from the innocence of children and their pure emotion. So many people avoid emotion or unpleasant feelings, and turn to what's reasonable or logical and safe. Why don't we make ourselves as vulnerable as children and offer our true selves while accepting the true selves of others? Why don't we give way to the purest form of humanity, cling to our roots, and apply our wisdom to humanity?

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  1. Well said! It's true. They do recognize when others are different and show extra patience and kindness. I watched one of my students trying to calm an girl with autism while she was having a meltdown. She was so gentle and kind, it made me want to cry.