Sunday, November 27, 2011

Naming Things

What is our obsession with labeling and naming things? We name not only humans and pets, but things as well. My last car I had named Beatrice. My recent car I've named Sadie. Why? I suppose it helps make things personalized in a world that is filled with so many of the same things. I was out walking with Joe the other day and walked past a bush on the side of the freeway which had a tag; it was labeled "shrub." I didn't realize the government actually purchases the shrubs and weeds that grow alongside of roads. We also noticed a staircase which clearly stated STAIRS. Who is not observant enough to notice the inclining steps before them? Our world seems to becoming one which everything needs to be spelled out. No inference making skills and common sense, or worse, people have become so desperate that they need to find the problems and potential lawsuits that exist so they have some drama to drive their existence.

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