Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is Anyone Up? I sure hope not...

I recently learned about a blood-boiling blog. The blog developer, Hunter Moore, scours Facebook for revealing pictures and then posts them on his blog with commentary. He also accepts pictures that are sent to him. He has made it easy for pedophiles or stalkers to find people via Facebook. I heard an interview with Moore on NPR today. Moore declared that he finds his job to be fun and that will continue to do it. He makes money off of displaying other people's private lives. His site's website traffic estimates about $162,463! It also ranks third on Google's page-rank.When asked by the interviewer, Moore said he wouldn't display pictures of his mom or sister, because that would be gross. Yet, it's okay to put up pictures of other people's mothers or sisters? The interviewer was so disgusted that he had to stop the interview with a cold, "We are done." I hope that this guy's blog gets shut down soon! Check out the following sites where this and more information can be found:

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